5 Cheap Breaks This Spring

by Admin on April 8, 2014

isle-of-sheppeyWith winter finally over, this is the perfect time to start playing an unforgettable Spring break. Spending time with family or friends doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially when you choose to take a break in the United Kingdom and opt for accommodation with self catering.

The Isle of Sheppey

This tiny island is situated just off the coast of Kent and has long been a popular holiday destination among people from London and other parts of the United Kingdom. The Isle of Sheppey boasts three blue flag beaches for visitors to spread out on when the sun shines, as well as a good number of caravans to rent. The town of Leysdown is the island’s main holiday hub as it boasts several amusement arcades as well as a beach and a cabaret hall, while the island also boasts a stunning nature reserve that provides a natural retreat for several species of rare birds.


This charming village is situated in the Cotswolds and is surrounded by natural beauty. A large number of affordable holiday cottages are available in Bourton-on-the-water, some of which are situated on the banks of the river Rush, which flows through the village. Children will be able to spend time splashing around in this shallow river that is spanned by a series of narrow stone bridges, while other local attractions include an impressive model village and Birdland Park.


This vibrant seaside city is simply bursting with attractions that the whole family is sure to love. Brighton’s main peddle beach features a long pier that stretches out into the sea and boasts attractions including a rollercoaster, while taking a stroll along the seafront is a popular activity among parents. A number of special festivals are also held in the heart of Brighton in the Spring, which means that there is always something new for visitors to discover.

Loch Ness

People who want to travel a little further away from home will find plenty of great accommodation options to choose from close to this world famous lake. In addition to trying to spot the Loch Ness monster, visitors can spend time hiking through the surrounding countryside and visiting attractions such as Urquhart Castle and the impressive Caledonian Canal. Naturally, if you are planning to travel to a remote location such as Loch Ness you will want to arrange cheap holiday insurance in advance so that you and your family are protected while you are away.

New Forest National Park

Camping in the New Forest National Park is an enchanting experience that families with young children are sure to love. Walking and cycling through the countryside are among the most popular activities here and provide visitors with plenty of opportunities to spot cute New Forest ponies as well as a wide range of other types of flora and fauna. This area also features a number of tiny traditional towns and villages like Lyndhurst, Burley, Brokenhurst, Lymington and Ringwood for visitors to explore before enjoying a little light refreshment at one of the cafes.

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Great Destinations For Spring Breaks

by Admin on March 20, 2014

A spring break is a great way to get away from it all for a short while and it’s a great chance to experience the blossoming of spring in another country.

spring-breakThe UK has some gorgeous spring sights when the bluebells begin to blossom and the newly born lambs frolic in the fields for the first time but there are equally beautiful spring sights to be had in other countries! Spring is also a great time for a getaway because it’s outside of the holiday season so it’s not as busy and prices for transport and accommodation are generally lower.


For a short spring break a hop across the English Channel to France is ideal. Paris in particular is always a very popular tourist destination and with good reason, but you may find that a lot of the top tourist hotspots in Paris are less crowded outside of the typical tourist season. This is great because it means that you can take your time to explore and absorb Parisian culture. Culture is hugely important in France and there are no end of free museums and galleries available for you to explore. Even places like the Louvre are free on the first Sunday of every month!


Germany does not have the same reputation as a tourist destination that some other countries may have and that’s an absolute shame. When you think of German festivals your mind probably jumps to Oktoberfest, which famously takes place in September, but there’s another similar festival called the Stuttgart Spring Festival. It’s the largest spring festival in Europe with its own fair complete with a 47 metre ferris wheel and roller coaster! True to German tradition the festival is typically commenced with the mayor of Stuttgart opening a beer barrel and the beer doesn’t stop flowing after that!


The Netherlands is well known for its gorgeous fields of tulips and there is no better time to see them than in spring when all the flowers bloom! The Dutch are so proud of their tulips that there’s a Tulip Festival held in the spring which is comprised of a special route you can take through various blooming tulip fields. Transport options include hiking, biking and even horse carriage so it’s a great little romantic getaway if you fancy surprising your other half!

Spring breaks are a great way to relax and avoid the summer rush whether you’re going for a weekend trip or a week long break. Mainland Europe is within easy access thanks to cheap flights and the Eurostar so it doesn’t take long to reach your destination. Make sure you have some cheap travel insurance before you go which is relatively easy to obtain if you’re taking a spring break within the European Union. Enjoy the gorgeous spring weather and experience the celebration of the birth of a new year like you’ve never done before. Just don’t tire yourself out too much for the summer!

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