5 Romantic Weekend Getaway Activities for Couples

by Editor on August 15, 2013

December 27, 2009: Christmas done

We’ve all heard the saying before: In order to keep the romance going in your relationship, you have to be willing to put in as much effort in maintaining the relationship as you did in starting it to begin with. Yet, as life makes its demands on us and it starts to take a toll on our schedules as well as our budgets, it can be easy to look up only to discover that it’s been months (if not even a couple of years) since we took a romantic trip with our significant other in order to get some of the much-needed rest, relaxation and intimacy that we need.

If this is the current predicament that you find yourself in, the good news is that there are several things that you can do that will not deplete your bank account in the process. Below, we’ve enclosed five romantic weekend getaway activities that we feel are wonderfully suitable for couples.

Go to a bed and breakfast. If you’ve never been to a bed and breakfast before, it’s definitely something that you should try at least once. The ones that have a four or five star-rating have beautiful accommodations, plus breakfast (and sometimes other meals as well) are included. Virtually every city has several to choose from. Just visit Bed and Breakfast for details.

Spend the weekend in the city next to you. Do you want a change of scenery but you can’t afford to get on a plane and go to an exotic place? If that’s the case, why not rent a car and go to another city that is 2-4 hours away from you? It can provide a nice change of pace, plus thanks to websites like Hotwire and Hotels, you can book a hotel room for a really reasonable price.

Plan a camping trip. OK, you probably need to have a real love for the great outdoors if you want to consider camping a romantic getaway. But if you pick the right camping park and you choose to go during the spring or fall season (when the temperatures are milder), it can be pretty dreamy to curl up in one sleeping bag and snuggle for hours without any interruptions. (For a national list of camping sites, visit Reserve America).

Do your first date all over again. Sometimes a walk down memory lane is all the “getaway” that you need. So, consider surprising your significant other by having your first date all over again. Whether it consisted of a movie, dinner and dancing or something else, do every detail over again—only this time, end the evening at a five-star hotel.

Book a reservation at a resort. If you do have a couple of extra dollars to spare, consider treating you and your partner to a weekend at a resort. Whether it’s a massage in Lexington or a facial in Dallas, you’ll come back from that kind of weekend feeling like a million bucks. For more information on some of the highest-rated spa resorts in the country, go to your favorite search engine and put “spa resorts” along with the city and state that you want to visit in the search field.

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