5 Things to Consider When Moving from America to Canada

by Admin on June 27, 2013

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Moving is perhaps one of the most stressful experiences homeowners will get to experience, even when done within the same city. With that stated, just imagine the stress involved in moving from one country to another. If you are planning an international move from America to Canada, it is very important to plan in advance.  Don’t think it will be like your typical out of country trip. Not only do you need to worry about hauling your possessions over the border, you also need to worry about complying with national laws.  Here are 5 things everyone should know when moving from America to Canada to make for an easier process.

Moving Your Possessions

The easiest way to move all of your personal belongings is to hire a trucking company that specializes in moves to Canada.  The trucking company will charge you based on distance and the weight of your possessions.  You will need the movers to take a detailed inventory of all of the possessions before they are loaded and hauled.  Your vehicle will also be transported over the border because it is not yet registered in Canada.  Your trucking company will give you instructions on how your vehicle will be transported over the border.

Setting Up Your Bank Account

If your bank only does business in America, you cannot simply change your address.  You need to contact your bank, determine what types of documents the bank will need to transfer your account, and provide those documents in a timely manner.  If your bank cannot transfer your account, you can contact major banks in Canada like the BMO Bank of Montreal.  You will need to have two forms of identification to set up your account and the new account must be activated before you can set up your wire transfer.

Carry All Important Documents With You

If you are driving over the border or flying into Canada, it is very important that you have all of the documents you need to prevent delays.  You will need your passport for each family member, the Canadian Immigrant visa you have already applied for, and a confirmation of permanent residence for all of your family members in the household.  You should have all of these documents at least 3 to 4 months before you start planning your move.

Registering Your Vehicle in Canada

When you become a permanent Canadian resident, you are required to license your vehicle and obtain your Canadian driver license in a timely manner.  The registration and licenses are handled by provincial governments.  You will need your title documents, registration, and a sales receipt when importing your car into Canada.  When you provide this, you will receive an inspection document that must be taken to a Canadian shop.  Once the car is inspected, you will go to the provincial office, pay the fees, and receive your plates.

Getting Insurance

All permanent residents are required to carry Canadian insurance.  Your US insurer will not extend coverage to you across the border.  When your vehicle is registered in Canada, you will need to purchase insurance immediately.  While standard insurance is the most common coverage purchased, you may need to select from class car insurance or commercial insurance if you own a classic car or you drive for commercial purposes.  If you want to compare coverage options and rates, visit http://www.kanetix.ca/auto-insurance and get quotes from all of the premier insurers in Canada in minutes.

Preparing for your move well in advance is extremely important.  If you are moving from America to Canada, you need to take time to learn about currency conversions as well.  Be prepared to learn about the new customs in Canada, arrange your move, and enjoy everything Canada has to offer.

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